50% of the boys

1-50procentAt least 50% of boys have sexual experiences with other boys during their youth. And there’s nothing special about that, because that’s just one of the natural aspects of growing up as a boy.

These three facts must have something to do with it:
1. Teenagers have to cope with an explosion of hormones in their bodies, which causes them to get aroused more often and more easily.
2. The male sexual organs are situated on the outside, so the chance of getting physically stimulated is bigger.
3. Boys often find it interesting to compare to each other.

How do boys get to have sex with each other? It can just happen out of the blue or be part of a close friendship. Or just because they were curious and wanted to find out how things felt. Or, of course, because they have fallen in love with each other! So: boys can ‘do gay things’, which is completely natural. And boys can be gay, because they were gay in the first place. At least 3 out of every 10 boys is gay or bisexual.

Denial – It’s obvious that most boys would not admit that they have sexual fantasies about another boy. Or that they do sexual things with a friend. Certainly there are boys in the neighbourhood who do, but would they tell everybody? Would you? Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re the only one on earth or in your neighbourhood. And don’t feel bad about yourself. Rather be proud of yourself!

And why 50%?
Years ago this phenomenon has been researched already. By Hite and Kinsey, American sexologists. Hite came to a percentage of 43% and Kinsey of 48%. Add to that the gay and bisexual men and of course you will end up somewhere over 50%. Besides these researches it is commonly known, however only few people would admit. Some feel ashamed or say they have ‘forgotten’