25-pestenGuess what? Have you ever noticed the shyness of (straight) males when they talk to a female? And how they force themselves not to show it? Same thing can happen to you, when you talk to a guy. That can sometimes be the reason why straight guys guess that you are gay. For lots of gay teens, this is where the bullying starts!

Gay bullies are often… gay. People often think that if they taunt a person who is thought to be gay, they will not be considered being gay themselves. Therefor it can be hard sometimes, to stop people from bullying you.

Toss ’em! What about strengthening your verbal defenses? Talk with someone you trust about how to fight back with words. That can be really effective. And if you train yourself to stay relaxed and cool, sharp remarks will come out of your mouth more easily.


Gay boy kicks ass! Sometimes it appears that you just have to use your fists or feet, to get the respect you deserve. If you are not used to doing this, why not take lessons at a defence class or fighting school? These lessons will teach you skills and techniques and you’ll get time to adopt them, so they become ‘part of you’. You will also learn that a more self-assured attitude will prevent harassment from even happening.

→ ChildLine – Bullying

→ StopBullying.gov