11-dateInternet is fun, fast and full of people. The online world is great fun, but also has its shady side. So just consider a few important things once you go from online contact to offline contact and meeting people in real life.

Met someone on a dating site or in an app? Be sure to also check someone’s Facebook, for example. And talk with him on the phone before you meet.

Always meet in a public space, with people around. Be sure that you can leave whenever you want to and that others can see you. And don’t get into a car or into someone’s house. This first time you meet, rather go and have a drink or a burger or walk through town and discuss anything you like. That’s a good way to get to know each other. Trust your feelings! If you have doubts: then say no. You are in charge and nobody can force you to do anything you don’t want. You can break up and go whenever you want to.

Sometimes, in real life it’s just not what you had expected. That happens more often. Then it’s a bummer, but oh well, better luck next time!

Assaulted? If you get assaulted, report that to the police. And talk about it with someone you can trust. If you dare not talk about it with your parents, find someone else, like a school counsellor or social worker. The person that assaulted you should be punished and stopped from hurting someone else. And you should get help.

You can also report the assault anonymously, for example through a Crime Stoppers project.

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