27-depriWho am I? During this period of your life, called adolescence, all kinds of things can occupy your time and thoughts. Your body is changing and so is your way of thinking and judging things. You might be trying to figure out how to deal with parents or teachers who are giving you a hard time. Or with tons of homework and tough decisions that you suddenly have to make.

And you discover your sexual feelings. Finding out that you are gay, can then be another load on your shoulders. Falling in love with other boys or being turned on by them time after time, can even be embarrassing and confusing. Especially when you have been hearing all your life that men are made for women and that you will get married some day. Or when friends always talk about girls.

No, you are not alone. And by far not the only one either. It is important to realise that thousands are having these problems, just like you, because you’re certainly not alone in your struggle. And millions came before you and are leading happy lives right now!

It all starts with being proud of yourself as a (gay) person. Remember a moment when you felt really proud of yourself. Sure you can! Well, remember this feeling of pride every time when you realise that you are gay. Being gay is natural and good. It’s cool to be gay.

In life, nobody can do it all alone. It helps a great deal if you talk about the feelings and worries you may have. If you don’t want to tell about your ‘gay feelings’ then talk about other things that occupy you. The relief you will get from that, will at least help you cope better with your other personal occupations.

Child help lines – There are child help lines all over the world. So there is one in your country or language too! People are there to listen to you and give you helpful advice and even addresses. Anonymously.

International Youth Help Lines