Love, or lust

3-liefoflekkerUsually, you also feel physically attracted to the person you have a crush on. But not necessarily. So, you either feel love for someone, or lust. Or both!

The feeling of being in love is nice and wonderful. It can be tough as well, for example in case you can’t tell anyone. While on the other hand some people just like to love somebody secretly. Whatever. Mostly, your face turns red when the person you love looks at you or walks past. Sometimes, you can even start talking with a stutter.

Or are you someone who would just get really self-assured? It is quite normal if falling in love causes you to feel happy and laugh or joke around more than usual. The butterflies in your belly will remain flapping about there – sometimes you’ll even eat less than normal.

Love and lust are not the same. You can also get attracted to a person only physically. Sometimes you haven’t even spoken a word to each other and you still feel this strong physical attraction. If you have sexual fantasies about someone in your surroundings, you don’t need to be in love with him as well. There’s nothing strange or wrong with that. It is normal, natural, healthy and good. It’s o.k. to have sex with each other, as long as you both want it and enjoy what you are doing.

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