21-masturberenYour sex life naturally starts with masturbation. Roughly from the age of 12 (possibly earlier or later), boys experience sexual arousal frequently as a result of an immense increase of hormones in their body. Masturbation is a way to ‘discharge’ this sexual tension. You can masturbate whenever and as often as you want. By masturbating, you also get to know your own body and what you enjoy and what not.

Masturbation, or ‘jerking off’, ‘wanking’, etc. goes as follows. You keep a grip on your erect penis with one hand and then move that hand up and down, so that the foreskin rubs the top of the penis (called ‘glans’), or actually the rim of the glans. Circumcized boys mostly use a lubricant like spit or baby oil or the naturally formed lubricant that comes out of the erect penis, when you are sexually aroused. This will lead to having an orgasm (you ‘come’). An orgasm is the climax of sex and feels epic. When cou come, sperm (or ‘semen’) is squeezed out of the balls through the penis. This is called ejaculation. If your testicles don’t yet produce sperm, you can still ‘come’. This won’t harm your body in any way.

Masturbation myths – There are quite a lot of strange myths about masturbation.

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A wet dream – That means coming in your sleep (while dreaming). This is completely natural and nothing to be concerned about. It happens at least once to everybody and can actually be a frequent occurrence for some.

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