19-penismaatSome guys measure or compare their penises. The average lenght of an erect penis is 14,3 cm (approx. 6″). Of course during puberty your dick can still grow in size.

The average sizes of erect penises, 12-18 years of age


  • 12: 8.7 cm.
  • 13: 11.15 cm.
  • 14: 12.20 cm.
  • 15: 13.65 cm.
  • 16: 14.10 cm.
  • 17: 14.7 cm.
  • 18: 14.8 cm.


  • 12: 3.4″
  • 13: 4.4″
  • 14: 4.8″
  • 15: 5.4″
  • 16: 5.6″
  • 17: 5.78″
  • 18: 5.8″

A penis can be exciting and beautiful for many different reasons. And fortunately tastes differ. Many men are fascinated by big dicks. Having a big penis seems to be an advantage. However, this does not mean that a ‘small’ dick won’t be appreciated. There are also many guys who find large dicks problematic. They would rather be fucked by guys with average dicks and often also find them easier to blow.

At the end of the day the size of your penis is not that important. Your personality is much more important. People find you attractive because of your looks, your beautiful smile, because you are tall and skinny or maybe because you are plump, etc. Many other factors are generally more important than the length of your penis in centimeters or inches.