13-relatieYou’ll never forget your first boyfriend! Possibly, you have been in love with a straight boy several times. By the time you have your first real boyfriend, this will probably shoot you out of your socks. It might feel as if you were made for each other and will always remain together. Only 1 thing can be said about this: enjoy all the nice feelings and the butterflies in your stomach!

Making love – When you have sex, remember to do it safely. You don’t know each other such a long time, do you? Your boyfriend might have had sex with others before you, and you don’t know for sure if they had safe sex. You could both have yourselves tested for a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

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Change – Many people in relationships make the mistake thinking they can change the other person. Almost by default. So the earlier you know, the better: you just can’t. Don’t try to change your friend. Better is to find ways to deal with each other’s personalities. Every person is different from the other, for many reasons. So find the best ways to get along and give each other enough space to breathe.

Long-term relationship – Your relationship can become stronger and ‘deeper’, the longer and the more successful you are together. Several short relations or a long-term one, every relationship can be a great experience. After one year, most relationships become stronger. Meanwhile you might have to put more energy into it because things sometimes don’t go as easy as in the beginning.

On / Off – Bumping into each others personal limits is a very normal thing. So having an argument once in a while also. Always stay open for each others feelings and points of view. And give each other the chance to get used to being in a relationship. And to get used to each other. Sometimes, you find out that you have to give away just too much for remaining in this relationship. Then you have to decide if you want to continue or not. If he breaks up, try and understand the reason why, also when this is difficult for you. Most times, your worst sorrow will be tempered within two weeks.

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